Maths - Don't Panic!

"Maths - Don't Panic!" is a course I wrote in 1999 to help students develop their confidence and skills in mathematics; I have taught it in various contexts since. Most recently I used it with a group of mature students beginning an Access to Higher Education course who wanted a gentle introduction to GCSE-equivalent maths. (The aims and objectives below are adapted from this situation.)

You can take the "Maths - Don't Panic!" course as an individual or in a small group (if there are a few of you wanting to do it). Either way, the course would be adapted to your requirements and the exact course content agreed in consultation with you.

If you think a "Maths - Don't Panic!" course may be useful to you but you would want to work on different aspects of maths, please contact me to discuss the details.

As always, Maths Don't Panic tuition is tailored to the work you need and the way you learn best.


To develop students' confidence and skills in mathematics.
To facilitate students' independence in maths learning in future situations (if required).


To increase students' confidence:

  • in own maths ability
  • in maths learning situations

To increase understanding of students' own preferred learning styles, in particular in relation to maths.

To develop / consolidate understanding of place value system.

To develop / consolidate methods for the four rules of number:

  • Ensure each student has methods for + - × ÷ that they are confident with.

To develop skills and confidence with the use of calculators:

  • Ensure each student can use basic (and progressively more advanced) functions on their own calculator.

To develop strategies for interpreting and solving maths problems given in words.

To develop / consolidate a basic understanding of fractions.

To develop / consolidate a basic understanding of negative numbers.

To introduce the metric system of measurement.

To introduce algebra via real life situations, developing an understanding of basic algebraic concepts.

Where relevant, to identify ongoing issues affecting maths learning and to suggest ways of addressing them.


I am based in Quarry Bank in the West Midlands (near Merry Hill shopping centre) and am happy to travel up to about ten miles depending on the time required. On Sundays I am often available to tutor in Worcester. (Locations further than ten miles may be possible, with travel costs charged as extra.)

Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Because Rachel never doubted my ability to pass, I passed the test first time.
Megan, QTS Numeracy student (Professional Skills Test).

I would recommend Rachel to anyone... She is able to teach people of all ages and abilities.
Dione, mother of two students.

Rachel knew my abilities and the way I learnt best, and adapted teaching to fit this... I could answer questions which I previously wouldn't have even attempted
Alex, GCSE student.

Rachel makes Year 6 maths enjoyable, fun and practical. Would recommend.
Kate, Mother of a Year 6 student.

Highly recommended!
Jonathan, A2 student.

Grades improved from F to D/low C in under 12 months.
Lois, GCSE student.

I would strongly recommend Rachel...
Emily, Year 10 student.

"Clear explanations of many different methods... perfect for my learning styles."

"Great access to material... very good amount of homework..."

"...would recommend to anyone...a fantastic course."

Students on 'QTS Numeracy - Don't Panic!' taught course

Great amount of resources available...I feel I can smash this exam!
Sam, GCSE student.

Positive feedback helped with her confidence.
Mother of a GCSE student.

Well planned Lessons! Good use of a variety of teaching materials from computers to workbooks!
Nick, father of a GCSE student.

Rachel is a fantastic tutor... I would heartily recommend her.
Dawn, mother of a 14 year old student.

"Good explanations... excellent shortcuts and quick calculations."

"Attending your seminar did wonders!"

QTS Numeracy Workshop participants

Creative learning, she has really enjoyed it.
Jane, mother of a 7 year old student.

Very helpful and professional, great to work with!
Amy, GCSE student.

Rachel is an excellent lecturer. My son is Autistic and his progress is outstanding both in his Maths and his social awareness...
Jane, mother of an A2 student.

Rachel is the most patient and supportive tutor I have ever known....
Michaela, an adult learner.

Thank you for bringing energy and enthusiasm to maths...
Hannah, a GCSE maths student.

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