Pass the QTS Numeracy Skills Test!

(Everyone applying for Initial Teacher Training in England is required to pass this test.)

Maths Don't Panic tuition can help you pass your QTS Numeracy Test in several ways:

  • individual tuition tailored to your own requirements
  • workshop sessions for a group of students, working together or separately
  • I can also offer a ten week taught course covering the maths needed and intensive preparation for the test itself, though this is not currently scheduled

Scroll down for details of each.

QTS Numeracy - Don't Panic!

'QTS Numeracy - Don't Panic!' is a ten-week course for people applying to start Initial Teacher Training.

  • All the maths you need for the test
  • Taught by an experienced maths teacher
  • Shortcuts and strategies for the Mental Arithmetic
  • Understanding graphs and wordy questions
  • Tailored to the needs of the people on the course
  • Course notes and resources accessible in shared online folder

Single sessions available as stand-alone workshops - see schedule of topics here.

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The QTS Numeracy - Don't Panic! course is not currently scheduled to run; however it may be possible to schedule a course if there is sufficient demand. Please contact me if you would be interested in attending the course.

QTS Numeracy workshops

Can be arranged on request

A workshop will run with three participants

  • Two hour workshop
  • Intensive test preparation
  • Mental arithmetic shortcuts and strategies
  • Efficient ways of tackling the onscreen section
  • Support for your revision and test practice
  • Building your confidence and skills
  • Workshop notes in shared online folder
  • Specific maths topics taught on request
  • Workshops take place in Quarry Bank (close to the Merry Hill shopping centre)

Please contact me if you would like to arrange or attend a QTS Numeracy workshop.

QTS Numeracy Test tuition

Individual QTS Numeracy tuition is available at various times of the week in Halesowen, Stourbridge, Dudley and surrounding areas in the West Midlands.

Please contact me to book your place on a workshop, for more information about the 'QTS Numeracy - Don't Panic!' course or to disuss your tuition needs.

Other maths tuition for adults

You want to help your children with their maths homework but...

  • They learn different methods from the ones you did at school
  • You don't feel confident enough in your own maths skills
  • There seem to be new maths topics these days
  • Some other reason is putting you off

I can work with you on any or all of these issues, making links between the maths you know and the methods your child has been taught (or may learn in the future). We can use resources designed for school students, teachers or adult learners of maths, or a combination. As always, Maths Don't Panic tuition is tailored to the work you need and the way you learn best.

Please contact me to discuss your tuition needs

Skills for Life (Numeracy)

Maths Don't Panic can help you with the maths skills you need for Numeracy qualifications or purely for use in everyday life. I will work with you to identify the way you learn best and build on the skills you already have. Tuition will be tailored to the work you need to do for your own situation.

Please contact me to discuss your tuition needs

Maths qualifications for teachers, and other professional requirements

The QTS Numeracy test is required for anyone qualifying to teach in a maintained school or non-maintained special school in England. This test is taken online and includes both an oral and a written section. The maths covered is all potentially useful to teachers, whatever subjects they teach. People entering initial teacher training need to have passed the test before beginning their course.

Some other teaching qualifications also require you to pass a maths or numeracy test. Maths Don't Panic tuition can help you prepare for both parts of the QTS test or for any other maths qualifications you need to enter a profession or get a particular job.

I tutor for the QTS Numeracy test in Halesowen, Stourbridge and across the West Midlands.

>Please contact me to discuss your tuition needs

You may find my course useful.

QTS Numeracy - Don't Panic!
Find out more about the "Maths - Don't Panic!" course

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Summer holiday tuition available. Please contact me for details of availability

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Because Rachel never doubted my ability to pass, I passed the test first time.
Megan, QTS Numeracy student (Professional Skills Test).

I would recommend Rachel to anyone... She is able to teach people of all ages and abilities.
Dione, mother of two students.

Rachel knew my abilities and the way I learnt best, and adapted teaching to fit this... I could answer questions which I previously wouldn't have even attempted
Alex, GCSE student.

Rachel makes Year 6 maths enjoyable, fun and practical. Would recommend.
Kate, Mother of a Year 6 student.

Highly recommended!
Jonathan, A2 student.

Grades improved from F to D/low C in under 12 months.
Lois, GCSE student.

I would strongly recommend Rachel...
Emily, Year 10 student.

"Clear explanations of many different methods... perfect for my learning styles."

"Great access to material... very good amount of homework..."

"...would recommend to anyone...a fantastic course."

Students on 'QTS Numeracy - Don't Panic!' taught course

Great amount of resources available...I feel I can smash this exam!
Sam, GCSE student.

Positive feedback helped with her confidence.
Mother of a GCSE student.

Well planned Lessons! Good use of a variety of teaching materials from computers to workbooks!
Nick, father of a GCSE student.

Rachel is a fantastic tutor... I would heartily recommend her.
Dawn, mother of a 14 year old student.

"Good explanations... excellent shortcuts and quick calculations."

"Attending your seminar did wonders!"

QTS Numeracy Workshop participants

Creative learning, she has really enjoyed it.
Jane, mother of a 7 year old student.

Very helpful and professional, great to work with!
Amy, GCSE student.

Rachel is an excellent lecturer. My son is Autistic and his progress is outstanding both in his Maths and his social awareness...
Jane, mother of an A2 student.

Rachel is the most patient and supportive tutor I have ever known....
Michaela, an adult learner.

Thank you for bringing energy and enthusiasm to maths...
Hannah, a GCSE maths student.



I am based in Quarry Bank in the West Midlands (near Merry Hill shopping centre) and am happy to travel up to about ten miles depending on the time required. On Sundays I am often available to tutor in Worcester. (Locations further than ten miles may be possible, with travel costs charged as extra.)

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Maths Tuition for Adults, help pass qts numeracy test Birmingham Halesowen, Stourbridge, West Midlands Worcester QTS Numeracy course Birmingham West Midlands QTS Numeracy Workshop QTS Numeracy Workshops QTS Numeracy Taught Course